All Frescaire coolers are fitted with a patented heat exchanger. Every heat exchanger consists of a large amount of plates, with a wall thickness of approximately 0.1 mm, and hygroscopic material fitted between each plate.


The hygroscopic material is humidified with water using sprinklers situated on top of the cooler. During the cooling procedure up to 1/3 of air intake is used as process air.


The process air extracts the humidity that evaporates from this layer on the outside through capillary action. The evaporation process cools the inner wall of the exchanger, indirectly cooling the air inside the plates, which in turn is cooled by the

airflow itself. The cooled air is subsequently ventilated throughout the room.


In summary, Frescaire’s system operates using outside air, applying water as the only coolant. The degree of cooling is partially dependent on the absolute humidity of air intake and not only the outside temperature, unlike conventional cooling systems.

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