What distinguishes Frescaire of other evaporative cooling systems?


   Frescaire system uses indirect dew- point cooling technology to evaporate the water, thus reaching lower temperatures of the supply air than traditional evaporative coolers.

   The patented full high tech polymer heat exchanger has the highest efficiency currently in the market.

   Frescaire units do not circulate water for cooling, thereby nullifying the risk of legionella. Supplied water for cooling does not come in contact to cooled supplied air.

   Also Frescaire is legionella free, approved  by Dutch TNO and in conformation  to the German standard VDI 6022.

   Frescaire system has, apart from the fan, no moving parts, reducing the maintenance cost to a minimum.

   Frescaire has a closed, maintenance free fiber-glass reinforced polymer housing. Resistant to harsh climate conditions and heavy duty circumstances.


What is indirect evaporative cooling?


All indirect evaporative cooling systems use water as a refrigerant for cooling the supply air to a building. The supply air is cooled by indirect evaporation of water. Changing the waters phase from liquid water into vapor by evaporation by air, extracts the energy form the supply air eg. cools the air.



Where does it work?


The Frescaire system can be used in all moderate climates or aggregates such as Europe, North America, Africa and Australia. In general cooling by evaporation does not work in areas where the air is saturated with water, such as tropical climates in the rainy season.



Can Frescaire replace traditional air conditioning systems?


Yes, Frescaire can replace traditional air conditioning systems for comfort cooling in situations that require a single or multiple HVAC system. The Frescaire system can cool down air temperature, depending on the kind of air humidity, up to 25° C in temperature decrease.



Where can you purchase Frescaire?


The Frescaire units are distributed by selected professional HVAC distributors around the globe. For more information, please contact us.



Frescaire Advantages?


   Saves energy - up to 75%, of electrical energy consumption compared to traditional air conditioning systems. By using only one fan and no compressor


   Environmentally friendly - Frescaire system uses water as coolant. In addition, the heat exchanger includes plates made of synthetic materials and recyclable. The casing and its components are made from fiber-glass reinforced  polymer housing


   High Tech, long lasting materials serving low maintenance cost, thanks to its unique design with high quality materials, a self-cleaning heat exchanger, the system requires minimal maintenance. Only the air filter needs changing.


   It’s comfortable - The feeling of wellbeing, Comparable to a wine cellar ambience. This is achieved by producing cooled air that is not artificially deprived of its needed moisture. Thus, it creates a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.


   Controls are open programed to worldwide MBS systems. The units are designed for plug and play installation. All units can, optionally, be controlled and maintenance monitored remotely by the internet, Wi-Fi or smartphone.


   Increasing cooling capacity in case of low relative humidity –supplied cooled air temperature depends on the absolute humidity of ambient inlet air is collected, not its outside temperature. Cooling capacity increases at low relative humidity levels. The cooling capacity also increases at extreme temperatures, a true alternative to areas which were once restricted to traditional air conditioning systems.


   Eliminates Legionella risk - Tests conducted by TNO indicates no risk of Legionella.  > Check here for the complete certification



How Frescaire system works?

Where can the Frescaire system be applied?


Frescaire system is particularly effective in low or big surface or spaced buildings. Including buildings such as schools and sports facilities. In buildings with a high internal heat load such as data centers and industrial buildings.



It is true that Frescaire system does not cause dry eyes?


Frescaire system does not circulate air. Frescaire supplies 100% fresh outside air continuously, controlled on demand. Frescaire indirect dew point coolers do not dehumidify the supplied air. Thereby avoiding the most common complaints caused by air recirculation, such as dry eyes and irritation in the bronchi, often occurring in DX or split unit systems.



Can the Frescaire system be combined with other systems?


Frescaire system can be used:

  As a cooling and forced air ventilation system individual for new buildings, or as a substitute of conventional air conditioning systems in industrial, office or residential use.

  Frescaire refrigerates buildings by introducing fresh air and expel hot air outside, called displacement ventilation. There for windows and doors can be left open.

There for  “latent heat “, enclosed in air, does not need to be condensed like in a DX conventional system. Saving in general 30% of needed or calculated cooling capacity compared to conventional systems.

  With Frescaire systems you only need to calculate the cooled cubic space or air volume with the sensible heat within the volume of” human living space”. Usually this is 2,5m or 8 feet height. Additional internal sensible heat production added.

  As a pre-cooler and fresh air supplier connected with ducting for cooling air in combination with an existing conventional ducted air conditioning system to circulate the air in the building.

  Combined with a heat recovery unit for use in winter. The heat energy component in the returned air will be used to heat up ventilated inlet air.  The water cooling is off in wintertime. Water can be supplied for humidification purpose through an additional optional steam or UV humidifier.




Can the Frescaire system be installed in existing buildings?


Yes, the Frescaire units can be installed in buildings with central ducted ventilation systems. Alternatively, Frescaire can also be installed as pre-cooling system for conventional air conditioning systems.



What are the requirements for the water supplied to the Frescaire system?


All common types of water can be applied. The water should have the usual quality in drinking water, either spring or superficial. In both cases, water must be filtered and deionized. Generally, water pipe need not be filtered. Additionally, demineralized water can be used. Even seawater, brackish water or lake water can be used.



Does the cooling capacity alter in case of a rise in temperature?


Under normal conditions, the Frescaire's cooling capacity increases when the temperature rises. Therefore, when the temperature increases in a hot summer day, cooling capacity also increases in the necessary time without using more power.



How much energy do the Frescaire units consume?


Tests show that Frescaire uses about 75% less electric energy for cooling the air, compared to conventional air conditioning systems. The reason for this is the absence of a compressor, only using  one fan. Per 1000m3 cooled air the maximum energy use is 600W and 20 liters of water. The exact energy consumption depends in the way you compliment your existent climate control system to Frescaire.

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