Frescaire is a state-of-the-art air-conditioning system based on dew point cooling, using water as a refrigerant. What distinguishes Frescaire from conventional systems is the fact that water does not come into contact with supplied air during the entire cooling process. In other words, it is an indirect evaporative system.

The Frescaire system consumes a very limited amount of energy (an average of 75% less than a conventional air-conditioning system), since the only moving component in the system is one fan.

Temperatures below wet bulb temperatures are obtained at low cost.


The Frescaire system can be installed for climate control in large buildings, office spaces, production facilities, homes and other areas with large amounts of thermal heat production.

In addition, the Frescaire system can also be used as a pre-cooling unit for a traditional air-conditioning system, in order to save energy or provide additional cooling capacity to an existing system.



Because water is used as coolant, Frescaire system is clean and has a very little impact on the environment.

Represents a saving of up to 75% energy compared to direct expansion systems.

Frescaire system requires minimal maintenance; with no lose parts and parts that could be separated.

Easy to use, plug-and-play system with no legionella risk, since water does not come in contact with air at any time during the process

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